10 Amazing Things That Only A Pahadi Can Relate To!

A pahadi person can get out of the hills but they can never take out the hills from them. It becomes the part of their DNA. Because once a person is pahadi, always a pahadi.

Here is the list of things that only a pahadi can relate to:

1. Having chai in steel glass

Having-chai-in-steel-glassimage source:

Having chai in cups is not pahadi’s cup of tea. They like to have their chai king size. There is no particular time for them to have tea. They can have it anytime, anywhere.

2. Addicted to Kafal

Addicted-to-Kafalimage source:

They are the born addicts of the fruit kafal. This fruit tastes sour and it is a much-loved fruit of the pahadis.

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3. Weddings are incomplete without Babli tero mobile and Bedu Pako

Weddings-are-incomplete-without-Babli-tero-mobile-and-Bedu-Pakoimage source:

There is no match for these songs in a pahadi wedding.Even Honey Singh and Badshah are a flop when it comes to pahadi songs.

4. Ghughuti-basuti

Ghughuti-basutiimage source:

Just like twinkle twinkle and Johnny Johnny, Ghughuti- basuti is a game and a poem that every pahadi child learn from their childhood.

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5. Wearing hand knitted half sweaters

Wearing-hand-knitted-half-sweatersimage source:

It doesn’t matter whether they are wearing a casual or formal dress, there is one thing which is prominent with all the outfits i.e hand knitted half sweaters.

6. Love for Bal-mithai

Love-for-Bal-mithaiimage source:

Being a pahadi you cannot resist this amazing sweet delicacy.

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7. Only two career options

Only-two-career-optionsimage source:

They are given only two career options: Government job or army.

8. They have special cookies- arsa and roat

They-have-special-cookies-arsa-and-roatimage source:

These dishes are healthy, tasty and better.

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9. The scary Bichhoo ghas

The-scary-Bichhoo-ghasimage source:

Every pahadi has faced trouble with this greeny leafy which causes an infinite level of itch and pain.

10. Grandmother knows EVERYBODY

Grandmother-knows-EVERYBODYimage source:

She is the real social network who knows everyone and everything.


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