HotStyles – Deepika Padukone

Attention ladies! Here’s presenting before you all the hot, sexy, charming, eye grabbing, well toned, elegant and what more to say :P..Please puts your hands together for our trending diva Deepika Padukone! 😀

I understand how badly we ladies and girls want to peek inside the wardrobe collection of famous and stylist actresses and obviously, Deepika Padukone is one of my most desired ones among the list. Eeeeee 😀 quite excited to reveal the style statement of my personal favorite one! 🙂

trendy diva deepika


She is a modern woman who knows how to carry herself with simplicity and classiness. Be it a corporate event, film promotion, house party, traveling trip or even on airport appearance, she will easily make your head turn towards her. Her style involves few colors like white, sea green and tan, which she carries very well with belts (her personal favorite accessory :P), glares, bag or anything. Below shown are some of her best pick up styles 🙂

deepika great personality with styles


You all are not required to put in much effort to get her fresh white look which is as fresh as morning dew. Simply stock up your white blouses and pair them well with elegant skirt, hot denims, short sexy skirts or hot pants. To add more glamor to your looks, you can even put on dark brown belts or wide tan belts (which are her personal favorite ones) to your dress. 😉

deepika-pudakone-in d enim


Sea Green– this is her second favorite color I guess! 😉 Well, this soothing color looks great on her. If you are carrying a casual look then, you can try out her zipper sweater in a foamy green color; for evening outings, her bandage dress or bubble dress will do wonders to you and your looks and; for family functions, you can put your fingers on her Indian ethnic-wear. Ooops, I forgot to tell you about the match of tan belt and tan sandal heels along with her dresses. 😛

deepika in sea green dress

Source: just can’t take eyes off her when she steps out in blazers. Ohhh man, you simply kill us with your looks! 😉

You must have often seen Deepu stepping out in black or white blazer over a blouse or tank. She styles her looks professional looks well with large handbags of tan, beige, taupe or camel colors. I must say, really a good choice Deepika! 🙂



Ohhhh yeah, you can look out for these blazers at Macy’s and Nordstrom department stores

Adding fun, style and quirkiness to her outfits can be learned very well from her. Be it just a plain dress or an ethnic wear or even a heavy studded outfit, she knows what to match with whom. 🙂

She adds more volume and style to her white based outfits by pairing them well with her flats and pumps red shoes. Ohh my look killing in them! 😛

deepika in white and red pumps


For her summer style, she prefers to pair her dresses with sandals, either flat or with some heel.

Now, let’s add some accessories to your getup. 😉 Hmmmm, coming on to her earrings, she adores small, thick metallic hoops, which goes well with both dressy and casual looks. Chunky metallic bracelets and bangles can complete your look and make you look exactly like the trendy Deeeeeeepikaaaaaaaaaaaa Padokone! 😛



As you can see very well, she is the perfect blend of fashion and styling and that’s why most youngsters are following her. So, get up ladies and girls, it’s time to shop for getting looks like Deepika! 😀

fashion diva