MAKEUP HACKS: 10 Mascara Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Every woman wants that their makeup should be apt and perfect. And when it’s about mascara you need to be extra cautious as a tiny mistake can ruin your entire look. So, to get the best lashes, you just need to follow some simple hacks that will change your life.

1. Find where you are lacking

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We all have different lashes and we all have different demands to be fulfilled. So, before applying mascara try to figure out where you are lacking like volume, curl, thickness or length. And after that follow the below mentioned hacks.

2. Apply primer to cover smudged look

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There are chances that you might smudge mascara on your lower and upper eyelids. So, if you don’t want to look ugly make sure that you apply eyelid primer under your makeup.

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3. Power of powder

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This hack will help you to get beautiful lashes. For this, you just need to dust some translucent powder on your lashes to get the perfect finish. The powder here plays the role of primer for your lashes that will make them look full and nice.

4. Don’t forget to rotate the brush

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This hack will help to add length to your lashes. While applying mascara just make sure that you rotate your brush from root to tip. Well, now you know why auto rotating brushes are available in the market.

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5. Shake your stick

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Well, this technique was used to recreate the zigzag strokes designed by makeup artists. But the best thing behind this technique is that it enhances the thickness of your lashes.

6. The smart transfer trick

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Getting mascara on eyelids is a common issue that most of us deal. But you can avoid this by simply placing a spoon over the eyelids and then applying the mascara so that the excess gets on the spoon.

7. Use the disposable one

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If your brush is too big for your lower lashes then try using a different brush or the disposable brushes available in the market to get perfect lower lash.

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8. Remove the excess

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You need to remove the excess mascara from the both the ends to the inner tube to avoid clumps and flaking as it will make your lashes look messed up. And avoid pumping too much hair in the tube.

9. Check now and then

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Always while applying mascara, step back and notice the now and then look of your’s and then figure out where you need more or less according to your makeup.

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10. Don’t forget to comb over

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When you are done with your mascara application use a lash comb to comb your lashes as it will provide a perfect separation to your lashes and will also avoid clumps.

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