How To Choose A Right Perfume During Summers

Perfumes and colognes that many people wear to add a little more charm to their persona and that automatically boosts up their confidence rather than smelling bad in the crowd. There are so many perfumes and colognes available in the market and many people are choosing and wearing different types of fragrances as per their choices. So how do you know which one is the best for you? Anyways, there are several different ways to choose the perfect scents that will go with your style and suit your personality.

Overall, it may be overwhelming to find the right perfume for you, because the fragrance you wear is a personal choice, apart from that, if you made a perfect choice then compliment is all yours.

1. Layer your favourite scents
If you are perfume lover then you must have 2-3 different fragrances of the perfume of your choice. So, try something new, mix up two or more perfumes before going out. It will be fun and I’m sure you will enjoy this experiment. Sometimes mocktail is better than the one you use on a regular basis.

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2. Food-based perfume
Now your favourite food can be your favourite fragrance that you can carry along with you. For instance, vanilla, citrus, orange, mint, cinnamon, peppercorn based and many more from sweet to spicy are available in the market. Try it once!

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3. Men’s perfume
Perfume has no boundaries and you can go for any men’s perfume of your choice which suits you. Actually, women can carry men’s perfume quite well. But fragrance with cedarwood and vetiver can be extremely strong, so better avoid them.

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4. Light perfume
Simple light-weight perfumes are great for summer season like citrusy, fruity notes are good to go and better than a heavy one.

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5. No overloading
While wearing perfume you should remember that overloading can irritate someone who is sitting next to you. Just need to spray little bit for good smell instead of heavy amount.

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Remember a few things:

Try to use some light fragrance if the temperature is high otherwise you may suffer from a headache. Here are few points to follow on a regular basis:

Office: Lime blossom smells fresh and it may last for long and gives positive vibes. Try it once for sure, you gonna like it!

Dating: Pick something like sweet almond, rose or citrusy and you can splash or dab small quantity of it. That is enough to make your day wonderful.

After spa: Once if you are done with spa you should go for something like iris, jasmine, and green tea. To maintain your freshness.


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