So your wedding is around the corner and you’re still not sure which coloured lehenga you’re going to wear? Don’t worry, this post will clear all your confusions and let you choose what’s the best for you.

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And even if it’s your sister’s or best friend’s wedding, you still want to look the best. You’re at the right place, my friend. Most of the old-style brides go for the same old red Lehengas. But if red doesn’t suit you, then no need to go for it. There are certain colours which are meant to suit a particular complexion. Choose your D-Day costume according to your skin tone. Buy the colour which suits your skin tone the best. If a particular colour is trending, that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to buy that colour only. You can break and bend the rules according to your choice. If you’re unsure about your complexion, these simple tips will guide you…

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1. Identify Your Skin Colour
This is the first step to decide the colour of your lehenga. There are 3 main skin tones: Fair, Wheatish and Dusky. Identify your skin tone and note it down.

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2. Identify Your Undertone.
Your undertone will be an important factor in deciding which colour you’re going to wear. There are mainly two skin undertones: cool undertones and warm undertones. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Just grab a piece of white cloth. Place it near your face. If your skin seems brighter than the white cloth, then you have a cool undertone. Otherwise, you have warm skin tone. If the veins on your wrist are bluish in colour, then you have cool undertones otherwise, you have a warm undertone.

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3. Identify Your Skin Season
The season is an important factor in determining the colour of your lehenga. If you have a fair complexion with a warm undertone, then your colour is Spring and if you are fair having cool undertone then your skin tone is Summer. Similarly, if you have a wheatish complexion with warm undertones, then your skin tone is Spring otherwise, you are Autumn. A dusky complexion with warm undertone is Autumn otherwise, you are Winter.

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Still confused? Don’t worry… Read on and your doubts will be cleared…

1. Bridal Lehenga for Cool Fair Complexion
If your season is summer, based on the above-mentioned analysis, then you should pick any of the following colours:
Sky Blue, Scarlet, Light Green Bubblegum Pink, Lemon Yellow Etc. Choose the colours lying on the lighter end of the spectrum.

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2. Lehenga for Wheatish to Fair with Warm Undertones
If your season is Spring, then you should pick up the pastel shades. But in case your season is winter, don’t wear the pastel shades. If pastel colour doesn’t suit you, choose the block shades that means the ones which are true colours. You can try Leaf Green, Chrome Yellow, Orange, Red, Lilac.

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3. Cool Wheatish Skin Tone or Warm Dark Skin Tone
If your season is Autumn, then you are on the lighter end of the darker spectrum. If your cool medium or warm dark coloured woman, then your colours are Yellow ochre, maroon, pumpkin orange, olive green, navy blue, rust brown, etc.

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4. Lehenga for Cool Dark Complexion
If you are Winter, then don’t feel that you can’t wear certain colours. Winter is tricky, it is true. You can wear: Dark Blue, Black, Burgundy, Grey, Magenta, White, etc.

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This whole blog was meant to change your perspective about fashion and colours completely. Now you can pass this guide to your friends as well. So, go and get your wedding lehenga ready.

Cheers for your new life!?

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