How To Cook Indian-Style Chilli Garlic Noodles At Home

No matter if you’re an expertise in cooking Chinese dishes or not, all you need to make this is the skill to out all the ingredients together and a mouthwatering Chinese Dish with an Indian twist is ready for those lazy evenings and a healthy snack! This is also a great Indo-Chinese dish for those birthday parties for kids or for the spice-junkie lovers.

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• 1 cup of fresh noodles
• ½ cup of grated Carrots
• 1 tablespoon of roughly chopped Garlic
• 3 pinches of Salt
• ½ cup of chopped Onions
• ½ tablespoon of Chili Garlic Paste
• ½ tablespoon of roughly chopped ginger
• 2 tablespoons of Refined Oil
• A handful of chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves
• A handful of chopped Spring Onions

1. First, boil the noodles in a deep pan, filled with 3 cups of water, over medium-high flame. Once the noodles are cooked, strain them and transfer in a glass bowl and set them aside.
2. Take a deep and wide frying pan and heat the oil on the moderate flame in it.
3. Now add onions, carrots, chili garlic paste, chopped ginger and garlic and salt into the heated oil and sauté for the next 5 minutes.
4. Next, add the boiled noodles into the pan and mix well all the ingredients together. Let it cook for the next 5 minutes.
5. Then cover it and let the noodles cook for 2-3 minutes
6. Now take them down from the flame and serve them in a dish by garnishing with fresh coriander leaves and chopped spring onions.

TIP* If you want to make it a little spicy, then add green chillies or schezwan chili sauce to spice up the dish.

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