How to Do the Sultry Bengali Eye Makeup

There’s no second thought about the fact that Bengali girls are naturally hallowed with dark eyes and lustrous mane. Their facial features convey millions of stories in just one glance. They were already blessed with such a sultry pair of eyes, that they do the eye makeup with so much perfection. Admit it, we all envy the Bengali eye makeup. But don’t worry. We can get the fierce Bengali look for this Diwali. For sure!

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We have prepared this tutorial to do the Bengali eye makeup with utmost ease. Even if your eyes are less prominent, with this makeup trick, you can make them look bold and beautiful. You just need to be perfect in recreating the eyeliner designs as mentioned in the tutorial.

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Makeup was created to make the eyes the most beautiful part of your face. You can wear this eye makeup to your office party or a college friends get together. This look will enhance your eyes without making them look much louder.

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So, scroll down to learn this look easily…

Step 1:
Apply a primer on your eyelids or an eye makeup base. This will keep your makeup smudge-free for hours.

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Step 2:
Use a neutral shade brown eyeshadow to create the makeup base for your eye makeup. You can skip this step if you want. This step was included just to add dimensions to your eyes.

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Step 3:
Use a kajal pencil to line your upper waterline and lower waterline. This will make your eyelashes look dense and thick. This is the feature that all the Bengali girls naturally possess.

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Step 4:
You can use the liquid eyeliner to line your waterline if you’re expert at using the liquid eyeliner.

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Step 5:
Create a Smokey effect of the eyeliner using a black eyeshadow. You can follow it by a brown eyeshadow and a grey eyeshadow. Create a Smokey effect on both your upper lash line and lower lash line.

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Step 6:
Coat your eyelashes with a volumizing mascara to make your eyelashes look bushy and long.

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Step 7:
Don’t use the bright shades of lipstick as it would deviate the attention from your eyes to your lips. You can try the nude or the dusty rose lipstick to enhance your lips. But most of your emphasis should be on your eyes. Bright red lipstick will only make your look too harsh.

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