How To Get Long & Lush Eyelashes Naturally At Home

It is every girl’s dream to look beautiful and flawless, but not all of us are that lucky! But, you can fulfill your wish by simply opting to follow some amazing and effective home remedies that will give you a natural beauty without having to apply any makeup.

You might feel lazy about following a proper regime to get a fairer skin or longer and stronger hair. But we can assure you can after reading this article you will not be wanting to skip any of the remedies to get long and thick beautiful eyelashes, naturally.

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Check out these 5 home remedies that can give you lush and long beautiful eyelashes, without having to waste your money on those expensive market-based beauty products.

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1. Stroke With The Oil Every night

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Castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil have the hair-growth boosting ability. Simply use an old and clean mascara wand to apply the oil onto your eyelashes, before bedtime and do not forget to rinse them off the next morning.

2. Go Herbal With Green Tea

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Soak a few green tea leaves in water overnight and then use that water to get long lashes from the next day. This will result in longer, stronger and thicker lashes in just a few weeks. Simply apply the green tea water on your lashes before going to bed and wash off next morning.

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3. Grease Them With Petroleum Jelly

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apply plain petroleum jelly using a soft eyelash comb or brush, stroking the brush in an upwards direction. You can do this anytime or at least twice a day for fuller lashes, and you can fake the wet lashes effect with this technique.

4. Boost Up With Oil-Soaked Lemon Peels

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It is a known fact that lemon peels are rich in vitamins, nutrients and folic acids that promote hair growth. Their benefits can be reaped best if they are soaked in olive oil or castor oil overnight and applying the infused oil from next day.

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5. Go To Bed With Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera gel is a natural promoter of hair growth in your body, due to the several minerals and vitamins present in it. Simply take a clean mascara brush or wand and use it to apply Aloe Vera gel on your lashes before you are headed to bed. Rinse off with warm water the next morning to get the desired results in a few weeks.

After all, if you can follow that tough beauty regime for longer and stronger hair, then doing these simple tips to get those long and beautiful eyelashes is no big deal for you!

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