How To Handle Your Wife’s Pregnancy & Be a Perfect Husband

Right from the moment your wife discovers that she is expecting, till the moment she brings a beautiful life into this world, every moment is special and full of emotions for her. You (the husband) are the one who needs to keep your cool and handle all her tantrums like a pro, for she will go through mood swings and unexpected physical changes at all times, which will leave her irritated and annoyed.

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To make those memorable months more special for you and your wife, we have complied a great list of things that you (the husband) can do for your wife to make her pregnancy special.

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1. Tell Her She Looks Gorgeous

She might not feel beautiful or attractive at all times, so it is your duty to tell her that how gorgeous she looks, especially with that ‘mommy bump’ on her! Whisper sweet things in her ears and make her realize that no matter what, she would always stay your beautiful wife for you.

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2. Don’t Try To Be A Google Doctor

If possible, make those regular checkup trips to the gynecologist along with your wife, and learn her follow up procedures, for she might not remember them so well. and most importantly, never rely on the Google for anything that you need to confirm about during her pregnancy phase.

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3. Always Pick Her Calls On Time

Not that you have be on the edge at all times, but your wife surely does. With all those changes and mood swings, she is at the end of her nerves at times and you don’t want to do anything wrong to rub it off her face, annoying her even more. Always pick her calls on the first few rings, no matter how busy you are, she might need you more than your work associates! Or just that emergency call you have been waiting for since past 9 months!

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4. Pamper Your Wife To Make Her Happy

Give her massage, or simply rub her foot that will relax her and make her feel special. Drop her at the spa to take a day off from all those hectic work routines, and relax with amazing massages or body stretches.

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5. Surprise her With Unexpected Gifts

Women love shopping, but during pregnancy their stamina gets low and those shopping sessions don’t happen, at least not alone. But with your support, she can easily go for that crazy shopping spree or those sweet evening strolls. Bring her small and unexpected gifts that will surprise her and make her happy, uplifting her mood instantly.

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6. Help Her Around The House & Doing Chores

Equally participate in doing the house chores and other tasks to help your wife go easy during her pregnancy, or even after that. Or you can just take over all the house chores for some time, giving her time to relax and take the appropriate rest that she needs. Buy her the groceries to make her work easy or make plans for the room renovation for the coming child.

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7. Drive Safely With Her Sitting Next To You
Though you are a safe driver, but during pregnancy even a little bump in the road can be irritating or life threatening for your family. Try to ride smooth and at a moderate speed that is safe for you and your expecting wife.

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8. Calm Her Nerves & Mood Swings

All those changes in your pregnant wife’s body might make her violently moody. But it is up to you that you must handle those mood swings positively. Try to cheer her up and most importantly listen to what she says and is wanting to tell you, to make her feel understood and happy.

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This might be a little difficult for you and keep a check on your sanity, but pregnancy throws unexpected challenges and changes in her way and you need to be there for her, being her backbone for support at all times. You can use these amazing tips to show her your care & love that she needs the most!

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