6 Natural Ways To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase for all the moms. But as she arrives, the stage of post-pregnancy brings a lot of responsibilities for a new mother. Besides this, there are many moms who want to get back to their usual shape before pregnancy and shed this post-pregnancy weight as soon as possible.

But you need to take extra precautions while losing weight as you have to look after your little one too at the same time.

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So, here are the few tips that you should follow to lose your post-pregnancy weight naturally post-pregnancy:

1. Eat food in the right way

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If you want to lose post-pregnancy weight quickly then it very important to keep a keen look at your diet like:

• Try to have small meals at least five to six times a day and never skip on your meals.
• Try to avoid added sugar drinks.
• Always try to include food with high content of protein in your diet, like skimmed milk, eggs, yogurt, chicken and lean meat.
• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as it will help in recovering quickly.
• You can also eat cereals, pasta, brown rice and whole grain bread.

2. Start working out

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Before starting off with your usual workout take approval from your doctor. In the common case if you had a normal delivery then you can start with the workout within 20 days post-delivery but if you had caesarean then it is usually advised to wait for at least 40 days. But you can start with mild workout and walk.

3. Breastfeeding

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Most of us don’t know this fact but breastfeeding helps in losing weight as it helps to burn calories around 850 a day. But most of the times it is difficult to lose weight while breastfeeding as it urges you to consume more. And if you are able to balance your diet without comprising with your and baby’s health then it is the best way to lose post-pregnancy weight.

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4. Drink plenty of water

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Post pregnancy it is always good to drink a lot of water as it maintains the elasticity of your skin and weight. Breast milk consists of 50% water, which makes it more important to drink at least 3 litters of water a day. So, don’t compromise with your health if you want to get back in shape.

5. Avoid crash diets

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Post pregnancy your body needs time to recover from the delivery exhaustion. So, keep a check on your diet till your baby is 2 months old and avoid crash diet as it will have a direct impact on your health and affect the milk production, which is not good for your baby.

6. Have good sleep

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And the last thing, sleep as much as possible. According to a study, new mothers who sleep less than 5 hours in a day, post-pregnancy weight is more than those who sleep for 7 hours. The simple fact is the more refresh you are, the early you are going to lose weight.


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