Mishti Doi

How To Make A Perfect Mishti Doi In Bengali Style

Mishti Doi is a Bengali sweet dish that is prepared with caramelized sugar and sweetened yogurt, that has a rich and creamy texture and flavors. It is a popular dessert that is served after the main course in almost every Bengali household.

This mouthwatering recipe of Mishti Doi will definitely leave you pleased and satisfied with the flavors and easy-to-cook method. And the best part about this Bengali cuisine is that you can have it with paranthas and it will taste even better with it.

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• 2 litres of Milk
• 125 grams of Plain Yogurt or Curd
• 400 grams of Powdered Sugar
• A Few Strands of Saffron
• Dry Fruits like pistachios, almonds and cashews for garnishing.

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1. Take a deep bottom saucepan and boil milk on the medium-high flame in it.
2. Now add 300 grams of sugar and a few strands of saffron in it and keep stirring while boiling it on medium-low flame. Set aside.
3. Next, take a non-stick thick-bottom pan and pour sugar in it. Heat it on medium low flame while continuously stirring. Cook it for 3-4 minutes or until it melts and caramelizes.
4. Now take the caramelized sugar and add it to the previously boiled milk. Stir well.
5. Then, add the plain yogurt to the warm milk and mix it thoroughly.
6. Now pour the mixture into separate containers and keep them into the oven with towel covered around, for about 5-6 hours. Wait for it to settle well and then keep them into the refrigerator to chill for the next 3-4 hours.
7. Decorate your Mishti Doi with chopped dry fruits like pistachios and almonds, and serve chilled after the meal. You can also garnish with fresh fruits like strawberries, mango, banana or any fruits of your choice.

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