6 Simply Superb Hacks That Will Make Your Hair Fab

Whenever you get your hair styled one thought that pops in your mind “I wish that my hair remains like this permanently.” But everyone needs to wake up from their dream and face the reality. Well, now you can make your dream come true by following these simple hacks that will make your fab without a blow dry.

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1. Right haircut

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Two things that you should keep in mind while going for a haircut is texture and hair type. Try to figure out whether your scalp is rounded or flat as it will define your hairline and then the texture. After that consult your hairstylist and research before going for a haircut.

2. Hydration

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Hydration is not the only constraint to drinking lot of water but it also about providing your hair with moisturization and Keratin-infused treatments. And don’t forget to give your hair nice oil treatment to avoid frizz and tresses.

3. Avoid towel drying

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Many people say that drying hair with a towel after washing them can damage your mane. This is because at that time the hair is wet and are more prone to breaking. The rubbing motion of the towel can affect the hair quality. So, try to use an old T-shirt or terry cloth to get rid of excess water.

4. Wash in the right way

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This not only applies to the method but to the products too. Always consult your hairstylist before purchasing shampoo or conditioner. And if you have dry or fragile mane then use conditioner before shampoo. And wash your hair in the downward direction.

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5. Use wide tooth comb

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If you have a lot of tangles then we suggest you to use wide tooth comb which not only helps in detangling your hair but also provides a clean and set look to your mane.

6. Add twist to your mane

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This tip works for both preservation and styling. Once your mane is slightly dried, gather them at the top and twist it up into a bun. This will help you in getting large curls that look beautiful when released. This trick will bring volume to your hair and will also maintain the style.

So, these were a few genius hacks that will make your hair fab.


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