How to Revamp Your Old Footwear

We seek help from the stylish outfits and accessories to look glamourous. We all want our favourite footwear to last ages. But does it happen? Unfortunately, no! Time takes a toll on everything, then how can our footwear be spared. But if you can spare some hard work for your favourite footwear, you will not need to purchase a new pair anymore.

Today, we will share some awesome and easy-to-do tips to revamp your old footwear. In fact, you can make them even more fashionable than before. You can use these tips to glamify your sandals and bellies.

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1. Simple Footwear
If your footwear is too simple, then you can use the pearls and designer fabric to decorate them. Paste the embellishments and pearls on your footwear using a strong glue. You can beautify your plastic as well as leather sandals using this trick.

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2. Glamify the Heels
Plain heels are too mainstream. Let’s embellish the heels of the sandals to add oomph to your look. There are many heel condoms to decorate the heels of your sandals. They are beautiful in appearance and make your sandals glamourous in a jiffy.

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3. Add Style to Your Old Sandals
The leather sandals easily get worn-off with time and their grip starts to loosen up. You can sew ribbons or colourful threads in the sandals to maintain the grip and decorate the sandals.

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4. Add Some Spice to Your Ballerinas
You can use colourful yarn to beautify your monochrome ballerinas. Sew colourful threads, bows, pears in the ballerinas. You can use the thread of your favourite colour.

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5. Add Twist to the Sneakers
You can use the metallic studs to decorate your sneakers. You can also make use of colourful lace or ribbons to change the look of your sneakers. You can also paste a stone on the ribbon to amplify the beauty of the decoration.

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