When we are in a relationship we almost forget everything. But to maintain a strong bonding, it is very important to set some healthy boundaries that will not only help in maintaining your relationship but also boosting the trust. So, it is always better to set some simple boundaries that will help in avoiding fights and arguments later on.

Here are the ways through which you can set boundaries to maintain a healthy relationship:

1. Don’t rush about anything

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First and most important rule to remember in the initial stage of a relationship, never rush in making decisions and stop becoming vulnerable for everything. We completely understand that you want to share everything with your lover but still try to avoid sharing something sensitive and information regarding your past to avoid getting hurt. First, build up trust then you think about it.

2. Be confident about saying NO

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If your partner says or does something that hurts you then it is very important to tell your partner that you are not comfortable with it. Yeah! it is difficult to say no but at the cost of love, you can’t let yourself get hurt which will eventually affect your bonding.

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3. Always respect their boundaries too

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If you expect something from your partner he/she also expects that you will understand his views too. So, it is very important that you also understand their boundaries and things he/she doesn’t like.

4. Don’t feel guilty

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Your partner may feel hurt when you reveal about your boundaries but before you explain your point of view, you need to stop feeling guilty. Because a relationship will last long because of your self-respect. And this is what boundaries say all about it.

5. Communicate well

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If you want to set boundaries then you need to communicate about this to your partner as they don’t read minds that they will understand everything. Keep your facts clear right from the beginning so that your partner knows and understand your feelings.

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6. Body language

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Our body language and gestures reveal a lot about us. So why don’t you use it to set your boundaries? If you feel like he is trying to peek in your personal space then instantly make a change in your posture and let them notice this so that they get a hint.

7. Be frank

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Just be frank with your partner let them know the things that are disturbing you and which you don’t like. And don’t try to change your words while speaking as it is important that your partner know about all this.

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