6 Vital Facts All The Pregnant Women Should Know

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. But, at the same time, it is quite challenging as there are several of things and changes that pregnant women experience in that nine-month duration. In this article, we have shared some facts that every pregnant woman should know about.

Here are the few facts that all the pregnant women should know:

1. Snoring

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It is quite shocking to most of the pregnant women. During pregnancy, snoring is common because the pregnancy hormones swell up the nasal membranes.

2. Itching on tummy

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This happens to most of the pregnant ladies, due to stretching of the skin. The itching sensation can also stretch to arms and feet. But if the conditions become uncontrollable it is better to consult a doctor.

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3. May not gain weight rapidly

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Many pregnant women get worried when they don’t gain weight after a certain period of time. But it is actually normal because most of the women gain weight after 15 weeks of pregnancy or get a hint of a baby bump.

4. Fluid discharge

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It is common to experience fluid discharge during pregnancy. It can be in the form of sweating, runny nose, vaginal discharge. Still, if you notice something unusual consult your doctor.

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5. Change in bra size

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During pregnancy, one should be very careful while selecting their bra size. Try to avoid tight bras and wear comfortable ones rather. If you wear the underwires then it will obstruct the blood flow that can hamper the development of milk duct system.

6. Change in shoe size

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During pregnancy, the fluid intake of a pregnant women increases which cause swelling in their feet. So, it is normal that your shoe size will increase and it is better that you change your footwear.

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