Nowadays people are more open to change and believe in trying out new things. After the introduction of tinder, another thing which has come up in the dating arena is blind dates. The ideology behind this concept is to meet random people and figure out if things between the two. In some cases, the result can turn out as super romantic while for rest it is a complete nightmare. So, to make sure that your date does not end in a disaster we have listed some ways to have a perfect blind date.

1. Stalk him

 Stalk himImage Source: yourtango

Stalk but for the right reasons. Check his social media profile and try to extract all the information that you can get about him because knowledge is power. And once you meet him, if things work out and he sounds genuine you can exchange numbers and talk.

2. Don’t try too hard

 Don't try too hardImage Source: s-nbcnews

Yes, we know that awkward silences hurt but, that does not mean you start to chatter about any random thing. Make sure you keep the conversation smooth and look cheerful. And if you are planning to meet at a restaurant then, sip some wine and enjoy the ambiance.

3. Try to lower the bar

Try to lower the barImage Source: cloudfront

Yes, we understand that you feel nervous as you are meeting a person whom you don’t even know. There are chances that you might be stressed because you have set very high standards. So, it is advised to go easy and be easy on yourself. Keep an open mind while you are going on a date.

4. Dress according to your comfort

Dress according to your comfortImage Source: q-e3

It is obvious that you want to look your best but, that does not mean that you forego your comfort. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and you also look good. But, this also does not mean that you show up with sneakers and sweatpants. So, dress wisely.

5. Choose a different venue

Choose a different venueImage Source: blogspot

Suggest some unusual venues but make sure they are public places. Like you can meet up at a bookshop where you can discuss books and authors or at food joint which offers some amazing dishes on which you can talk.

So, these were the few ways to have a perfect blind date.

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