Advantages of Waking in the Brahma Muhurta

Know the Advantages of Waking in the Brahma Muhurta

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something which is on everyone’s mind nowadays. But, doing workout and eating right sometimes may not provide you the desired results. It is said that waking up at a particular time in the morning, which is known as Brahma Muhurta, can prove very beneficial for your health.

If we look at the literal meaning of Brahma Muhurta it means ‘time of the creator’. According to the Hindu mythology, Brahma is the creator of the universe and the time before sunrise (one and half hour) is considered as Brahma Muhurta. And the last few hours of the night or the previous day are considered auspicious. It is also written in the Hindu religious texts that there are various advantages of waking in the Brahma Muhurta.

1. Best time to perform activities which requires concentration

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Waking up during this time is considered good because at this time, the environment is at peace and the pollution is least which is really good for your health. It is also known as the best time to practice yoga as there is no distraction and disturbance. You can only hear the soothing chirping sound of the birds which adds to your mental peace. Besides yoga, you can also study, worship and practice other activities that require a lot of concentration.

2. Really good for the Doshas present in your body

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According to Ayurveda, our body contains three Doshas, the Pitta Dosha which is for water and fire, Vata Dosha for ether and air, and Kapha Dosha is for water and earth.

It is said that the proportions of these Doshas change in our body with the change in the environment. Still, the surroundings remain the same for 48 minutes which is known as the Muhurta. Each of the Muhurta lasts for 48 minutes each. And for this reason, the 48 minutes before sunrise are considered as the best and your concentration also becomes good.

3. Benefits us with positive qualities

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There is another belief that our body has three forms of Gunas which include, Rajo Guna, Satva Guna, and Tamo Guna. And all of these Gunas have their own area of proportion, and when one Guna is active the other remains dormant. These Gunas are also responsible for the various qualities a person possesses.

The Satva Guna deals with the qualities of purity, inner peace, love, and tolerance. While the Rajo Guna is about the materialism and other qualities related to it. And the last Tamo Guna deals with the qualities of unawareness and ignorance which also lead to the development of an evil character due to lack of proper knowledge.

It is said that during the Brahma Muhurta, the Satva Guna is active and benefits us with the positive qualities. Waking up during this time, the Satva Guna finds a perfect coordination which helps to uplift your character.

So, these were the few advantages of waking during Brahma Muhurta that can help you maintain your overall health and inner peace.

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