Leave the Rest!!! Get Some Rest!!!

“Damn!! I ‘m so tired”… Are these the words which burst out of your mouth when you are back from office? The situation of other working class people is no different than you. They suffer the same working stress, fear of crossing the deadline, scolding from seniors and other problems. People working in rotational shifts face problems worse than yours.

Now consider the position of housewives. They do every work from waking up the family members to preparing dinner for them. It takes significant labour to be a housewife. They too are tired at the end of the day. Before they can get their mind at rest, they get a new work to do.

Do you know what could be the outcome of these kinds of stress? There can be a lot of outcomes, the worst being chronic fatigue syndrome or simply a fatigue.

Common Symptoms of Fatigue:

  1. Longer time taken to finish the simplest tasks.
  2. Mind going blank frequently
  3. Loss of ability to enjoy anything.
  4. Feeling sad very often
  5. Forgetting things
  6. Difficult to wake up in the morning
  7. Frequent joint aches, body weakness and insomnia.

If any of the above is a part of your daily routine, you may be suffering from a fatigue. So it’s better to deal with it rather than allowing it to spoil your health.

Some Tips to Tackle Fatigue:

  1. Involve Yourself into Something Physical:  A healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. Simple physical exercises like bending and stretching will tone your body muscles and avoid frequent pain.
  2. Work on your Passion or Hobby: Hobbies or passion may include something recreational like music, art, craft or even something new to you. So give it a try. This will keep your mind active and avoid mental shutdowns.
  3. Have Enough of Sleep: You have been working on a computer or phone for a considerably long time. So now it’s time to switch it off and take a nap. Go to bed at an appropriate time so that you get enough hours of sleep time.
  4. Go on a Vacation: A vacation helps your mind and body to recover from work stress. So save your holidays for a long trip.
  5. Meditation: Meditation is the key to mental relaxation. So do it regularly.

Fatigue is an outcome of physical or mental exertion. It can be controlled only if you give plenty of rest to your mind and body. It does not need medicine except for the case of depression. You just need to take some time out for your hobbies and meditation.    

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