You Are Not Ready for a Relationship

Life Hack: 6 Signs That You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

It is rightly said that relationships are not for everyone as it needs a lot of efforts and compromises to maintain a happy relationship. Besides this, there are certain things with which you need to settle down, or you will never be ready for a serious relationship. And it is good, to be honest with yourself before you head to a serious relationship. So, here in this article, we have listed some signs that show you are not ready for a relationship and if you notice any of these signs, then you should think once before you commit.

1. You still love your Ex

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Never ever decide to move on just to make your Ex jealous as it will not do any good to you nor him. If you are still hung up on him or still feel jealous if you see him with someone else, then it is better you think twice before getting into a new relationship. It is better to stay single for a while and give time to yourself and decide whether you are ready for a serious relationship.

2. Trouble in trusting people

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A perfect relationship is based on trust, and if you can’t do so, then it is better to stay out of it. You may have a feeling that you will get hurt again but remember that there would be times when you might have also hurt people just to protect yourself. So, it would be not fair if you put all your expectations on one person. So, it is advised give yourself some time and try to get rid of the insecure feeling that you have in your mind.

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3. You avoid staying single

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You are afraid of being lonely, and you also fear that people won’t stay long with you. And because of this, you are attracted to the depressing people. But, there is one thing that you should always remember that self-care and love are very important. You can’t love in return if you don’t love yourself for what you are. In the end, you will be making wrong relationship choices as you don’t know how to take care of someone as you have never loved yourself at first place.

4. You have emotional issues

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Few people have some sort of attitudes that are not healthy. Like, sticking to past and still being emotional about it. There are chances that you might have experienced something really bad during childhood or in the past that still troubles you. But, it is important that you find a solution to fix this feeling because when you reach at peace, only then you can have a stable relationship in life.

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5. You don’t have any growth strategy

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It is important that you have some goals and priorities in life. Because if you lack these qualities, then there are chances that you can face a hard time in a relationship. You may also break down as you won’t be able to decide what you expect from your relationship. So, it is advised that you should first plan your career, figure out your priorities and choose a suitable man for yourself.

6. Too ambitious

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Generally, ambitious people lack emotional commitments as they are too absorbed with their work which leaves no time for anything else. We are not saying it is wrong to be ambitious and have goals in life. Still, you can balance your professional and personal life if you wish to. And if you have plans to stay busy with your career, then it is better to stay out of a relationship as you will end up hurting a person with no fault.

So, these were the few signs that you are not ready for a relationship.

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