Life Hack: 7 Types Of Men You Should Never Date

Dating is one of the interesting phases of a person’s life because during this stage you get a chance to meet various kind of people and during this phase, there are chances that you might find a good potential partner for yourself. Still, there are few types of men you should never date if you want to be in a happy and longer-term relationship.

1. The moody one

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In most of the cases, the disturbing personality attribute and behavioral issues start showing up in just after the initial rosy days. So, here comes the point when you need to make a decision whether the things going with are acceptable or not. Have zero tolerance for violence and if you find some anger management issues then, it is better to move out from such relationship.

2. Still a child one

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It is completely fine if you don’t have any plans for the future as most of us are still figuring out what we need in life. But, dating a person who has no goals and dreams and till a man-child then, this is definitely a problem.

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3. Mr Distinct

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Every person has their own reason to be in a relationship but there is one thing that every girl craves from a relationship which is an emotional connection. No matter how good is your love life if the emotional connect is missing then, it is quite difficult to carry the relationship forward.

4. The Chauvinist

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Well, you can know and tell a lot about a guy by the way he treats other women. Like whether he is a male chauvinist or his behavior towards women is unfavorable. However, these traits are usually present in most Indian men still, there are few who have risen above this stereotype. But, remember never lower your standards for this kind of men.

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5. The I can’t commit

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These kinds of men are perfect but, there is one thing for which they are never ready and that is commitment. Every time when you mention about the future he freezes and remains silent. Remember this, if you want the relationship to last longer then, both of you need to be on the same page, or nothing is going to work out.

6. The player

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Just look this in this way, if he is unfaithful to you when you are still dating then, what will happen when you are in a long-term relationship. Every person has different thresholds after which nothing is acceptable. Make be it would be fine with you if he flirts with other woman but there will be a time when you need to make a decision.

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7. The one I know everything

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It is cool to have a smart boyfriend as you can learn a lot from him. But, if after some time this thing can annoy you as he will be always like ‘Ya, I know that’ or always ready to win an argument which is definitely not cool.

So, these were the few types men you should never date.

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