toxic relationship affects you

Life Hack: 8 Ways Toxic Relationship Affects You

Being in a relationship is an amazing feeling but, when it becomes a toxic one then, it can destroy you as a person. It also makes hard for the people to find the best in them as it takes a toll on your health, mind, and financial conditions. So, keeping this in mind, we have shared how a toxic relationship affects you. And if you also relate to this, then it’s time to head out of such relationship.

1. Jealousy

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Jealousy arouses in a relationship when there is lack of trust. And in a toxic relationship, it becomes excessive, and in the end, you will be left with pain and suffering.

2. Depression

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Being in a toxic relationship can make one suffer depression and feel depressed every single moment. Still, there are many who try to cope with it but, it is better to move out of such relationship that can drag you towards depression.

3. Lowers your self-esteem

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After being in a toxic relationship for a long time, it somewhere eats you from within. And there are chances that it might lower your self-respect and self-esteem. Always remember this that self-image is equally important, and you should never compromise with that as it will only lead to loss of independence and integrity.

4. Blame game

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The blame game is very common in a toxic relationship where one partner is always blamed for everything. No matter what they do to make everything perfect still, they are blamed.

5. Isolation

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There are chances that you might feel isolated in a toxic relationship. After a while, you may also start feeling detached from your family and friends as there would be none left to express your pain. And this later makes you feel isolated and unwanted.

6. Criticism and contempt

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No one on this earth is perfect and when you have a closer bond with someone, you can clearly figure out their flaws. Positive criticism is good to make a person better but using it all the time can have a negative impact on a person’s mind. And when criticism takes place of contempt, then it can make the other person feel worthless and devalued.

7. Passive aggression

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Sometimes toxic relationship gets on your nerve but, you still resist to show your anger and shade your opinions. And a time will come when this passive aggression will burst which will definitely affect your life.

8. Slaves of the substance

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There also comes a time when you start becoming a slave of the substance as you find it easy to cope up with the pain caused by your partner. Cigarette, alcohol are some major substances that people get used to during this phase.

So, these were the few ways toxic relationship affects you. And if you are in a toxic relationship, then try to move out of it and start on a fresh note.

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