Karva Chauth is one of the most celebrated occasions of India. It is celebrated by married women, where they fast for the entire day wishing for a long and healthy life of their husband. The fast itself is very difficult as one has to abstain from food as well as water for the entire day. But women are always way too eager and happy to abide by the same. Perhaps it is their love for their husband that they end up looking just as fresh, energetic and beautiful throughout the day. The evening marks the most important part of the day as not only their fast ends; they also get to be ready and all glammed for their husband. And in case you need some help to amp up your Karva Chauth look, here are some of the tips which might come handy.

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1. Choose the perfect outfit- Deciding the outfit for the day could be the most daunting task. Also it the first thing you need to decide and get it ready because then only you can go ahead and pick the accessories to go with it. One dress which is apt for this day is a saree, most preferably in a shade of red. Women who are celebrating their first Karva Chauth often prefer to wear their wedding outfit but you can also choose otherwise. You can also opt for a saree gown or dhoti saree if you want to look traditional with a hint of contemporary.

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2. Maintain a good skincare- Looking fresh on your special day relies a lot on how well you take care of your skin on a regular basis. But since you are not left with any time now, you can go for treatments like facials, spas, etc. choose the one that is apt for your skin type and fulfils your skin’s requirement. Apart from that, you can get your regular manicure, pedicure, waxing, etc. done in a little advance.

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3. Do not experiment a lot- Experimenting with various skin and hair treatments is not a good idea. Haircuts and hair colouring should only be done 2-3 weeks before the Karva Chauth. This way of anything goes wrong you still have the time to get it rectified.

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4. Get your mehndi done in advance- Most of the women go for mehndi application only one day prior to the Karva Chauth and thus there is a lot of chaos. The rates too are also very high that day. To save yourself some time and money, you can get your mehndi done 2 days in advance. This way you don’t have to wait for hours for your turn and you save a little money as well. And don’t worry, your mehndi will stay fresh and intact for the special day.

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Additional tips:

  •  Instead of painting your nails with one solid colour, try doing some nail art to make your nails look more attractive.
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  •  Abstaining from food and water for the whole day can make you feel tired and sluggish. If it is convenient for you, you can book a parlour and get your makeup and hair done. This way you don’t have to worry about what makeup to do and which hairstyle to make.
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  •  There is absolutely no way you can give a miss to your mangalsutra, sindoor, bindi and bangles.
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