Lost Weight But Gained Loose Skin? Follow These Tips To Tighten Loose Skin

From all those hard workouts and controlled diets to adopting ways to speed up the weight loss process, you have successfully achieved your ideal weight. But now after those extra kilos, all you are left with is that loose flabby skin, hanging from your body parts like clothes hanging on a rope.
Don’t fret people! We are here to present you with some great tips to get rid of that flabby skin and get that tight skinned, envious figure you’ve been working hard to get from so long.

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It is extremely important to avoid any quick weight loss regimens because they not only affect your skin in harmful ways that are beyond repair but also are ineffective or short term effective in most cases.

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Instead, it is recommended even by the experts to opt for such routines that help your skin get proper time to adjust to the changes and gradually tighten up while losing excess fat from that area.


Elastin and collagen are the two ingredients that help keep the elasticity of your skin intact, so it’s important that you consume such products which contain these two.

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You can find the two ingredients in protein-rich food items such as cottage cheese, tofu, beans, milk, nuts, seeds, and fish. Also, add green vegetables and fresh fruits to your everyday diet.


With all those workout sessions and running around all day, it’s essential for your skin to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and natural juices to keep yourself hydrated well.

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A well-hydrated skin is more elastic and stretches or contracts with the muscles. Also, hydration helps keep the skin smooth and healthy and acne free for a long term.

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Use a body moisturizer which contains vitamin E and has a collagen-promoting agent to prevent stretch marks from appearing on the skin as an after-effect of weight loss.

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To add, moisturizing your skin keep it fresh and wrinkle-free, for a long period. Aloe Vera, shea butter, soy protein and cocoa butter are few of many collagen-boosting foods.


Scrubbing increases the blood flow in that area which boosts your skin’s elasticity and tightens up further. Sea salt, as recommended by the scientists after a prolong research, is known to be the best boosting agent for better blood flow and tightening the loosened skin.

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Using mineral scrubbing process on the loose skin twice a day will give you the desired results within few weeks.


Just like scrubbing, massages promote blood flow too. Spa treatments rejuvenate your skin and pore, that increases its suppleness and helps get tighter with each massage.

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Also, getting seaweed wraps are a good choice too, as they help your skin to relax and encourages great blood flow throughout the body, which ultimately leads to tighter skin.

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The best way to get a lean body and tight skin after the weight loss is to go for strength training. This will not only give a toned and desired figure but also remove the sagging of the layers under your fat deposited skin.

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Go for free weight, body weights, and machines for a perfect strength training, twice a week.


Exercising on the specific problem area rather than on the whole body is more beneficial when you are particularly targeting on getting the tight skin after weight loss.

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For instance, you can do jumping jacks, squats, cycling or leg lifts for your legs, and dumbbell exercises or overhead stretch for your arms.


The only and best ancient way to not only get a toned skin but also to loose weight and increase body flexibility, yoga is preferred over every other method.

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There are numerous poses in yoga that can help you get that firm and toned skin and increase your strength altogether.

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Apart from spa treatments and exfoliation, there are certain things to keep in mind to protect your skin from various harmful things like sun exposure, using too hot or chlorinated water, and applying harsh soaps and shampoos.

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Always apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before stepping out in the sun or even when you plan to stay in.

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