Lotus Herbals Clay White Black Clay Whitening Face Pack Review


Let’s See What this Product Claims!

Lotus Herbals Clay White is a skin whitening face pack. Black clay, which is highly rich in silica and minerals, is its main ingredient. This facial pack also contains liquorice extract and bearberry extract, which is quite rich in arbutin. All the components help to lighten and brighten up the

PriceINR 195 for 120g

My Experience with Lotus Herbal ClayWhite Black Clay Whitening Face Pack!

At times, when my office schedules are jam-packed, workload is escalating and when I barely get time to manage my daily chores, a soothing beauty pampering is what that raises my spirits. But when I struggle to fix an appointment at beauty salon, or feel so tired to drive a car, I make a beauty salon at home.  I generally use Lotus Herbals Products and the best one which makes me feel fresh, glowing and youthful whenever I use it is ‘Lotus Herbals ClayWhite’.

This mask is in grey color and quite thick in consistency. You need to take it in good amount for applying evenly and on entire face. This clay pack dries out quickly and you just have to keep it for 10-15 minutes.  The good point about this product is it makes my skin oil-free in summers and I feel refreshed all day long… Ummnn, if we talk about its lightening and brightening effects, then honestly, effects are just average…

The worst part is that it is quite irritating to remove this mask since it sometimes leaves gray-colored tint … yesterday when I used it in the morning, one of my office colleagues pointed out asking “have you used face pack today”… L

Many a times while walking down the street, I notice ladies who have dewy and radiant skin complexion. Initially I thought their skin textures are flawless, but on giving a second thought, I realized that it’s the magic of makeup in addition to their good genes… you never know if the beautiful-looking girl is actually beautiful or wearing nude look makeup or no-makeup … but one thing I have realized after using Lotus Herbal ClayWhite that skin brightening and whitening is a very difficult task and we should not completely rely on these so called ‘whitening products’.

Exclusive Swatches and Photos for You!

Things which I Liked about Lotus Herbal ClayWhite Black Clay Whitening Face Pack!!!

  • It evens out and lightens the skin tone to an extent
  • It effectively reduces skin-tanning
  • I like its fresh, clay-like, muddy minty fragrance
  • The texture spreads well and is quite smooth too
  • Fairly priced for its quality
  • Dries out quickly and absorbs surplus oil
  • Free of side effects

Things I Didn’t Like about Lotus Herbal ClayWhite Black Clay Whitening Face Pack!!!

  • It leads to mild tingling on my skin (since I have a bit sensitive skin type)
  • Recommended for combination to oily skin; not so effective for dry skin
  • Sometimes leave grey color on my face, especially if rinsed hurriedly

My Conclusion…

Undoubtedly, Lotus Herbals ClayWhite is an effective face pack and I love its refreshing and soothing effects. But since now I have got many pimples on my face, I think I would give a next try to Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clarifying face Pack… Now let’s see how this product works.

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