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7 Useful Makeup Hacks For Women With Fair Skin

Makeup is a tough task for the women with extreme skin tones like dark or fair. And when we talk about the makeup for the fair skin ladies then they need to be extra cautious and choosy while you apply cosmetics. Even a tiny mistake is visible on the fair skin women. So, to overcome these troubles we have listed some hacks that you can follow to avoid makeup blunders.

1. Sunscreen is very important for you

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When you have a fair skin, it becomes more important to maintain the skin colour. There are a lot of things that can affect your skin tone. So, the first thing that you can apply during your makeup application is sunscreen. A thin layer of a good sunscreen will not only add a protective layer on your face but will also provide the moisture needed by your skin.

2. Avoid powder

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Pancake makeup is a big issue for women with light skin tone. Their makeup is ruined because of the powder. It is suggested that women with fair skin should avoid using powder in their makeup as they look like a pancake.

3. Best foundation for fair skin

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Before purchasing a foundation, it is very important to test and then decide which foundation suits you best. And it is always suggested to women with light skin to opt for a neutral shade. Because if you use a foundation with a strong tone then it will become more visible on your face.

4. Perfect eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow is a very important part of the eye makeup. So, if you have a light skin tone then you should choose an eyeshadow that suits the colour of your eyes. Like if you have light colour eyes then you should opt for green or blue shade. And if you have dark colour eye then opt for grey, purple and brown shade. The shade of cream and beige are a big no for women with light skin colour.

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5. Choosing the right blush

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The choice of the blush is mostly personal. Still, there are two types of blush that suits best on the light skin i.e. cool and warm tones. Warm tones like coral and peach and cool tones like light mauve and pink suits best for your skin type. But the choice should be based on the clothes colour, time of the function or event and of course, your personal choice.

6. Perfect shade for lips

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When we talk about light skin tone the ideal lip colour that pops in our mind is killer red. But the plum, chocolate, and coral shades also go well with the skin tone. You can also apply metallic shades that can add boldness to your look. Still, there are few shades that are a big no-no to the women with this skin tone like brown, nude tones, pastel pink, purple etc.

7. Ideal eyeliner

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The choice of an eyeliner depends on the colour of eyelash and hair. So, if you have a light colour lash then go for grey liner and if you have dark lashes and hair then opt for black liner.

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