Makeup is that one simple thing that can add a plus point to your beauty. So, it becomes more important that you choose your beauty items carefully because it differs according to your skin tone. And when it comes to tanned skin, it is quite tricky to apply makeup on this type of skin tone as you need to keep certain things in mind before applying makeup. So, in this article, we have shared some makeup tips for tanned skin that will make you look radiant and beautiful.

1. Opt for yellow-colored foundation

Opt for yellow-colored foundationImage Source: beststylo

Using a yellow-colored foundation can help you to get a perfect finish as it can provide a perfect finish on your tanned look.

2. Avoid bright makeup

Avoid bright makeupImage Source: thebeautybean

This is one of the best makeup tips for the tanned skin people. People with skin tone should avoid bright makeup because it can make their skin appear pale and unnatural. So, instead f bright shades it is suggested that one should opt for neutral and dark shades.

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3. Use a non-oily concealer

Use a non-oily concealerImage Source: health

Concealer is one of the best beauty products to cover dark circles and to get an even looking skin. And it is suggested that you should always use a non-oily concealer and opt for a shade which is lighter than your original skin tone.

4. Opt for earth tone lipsticks

Opt for earth tone lipsticksImage Source: ltkcdn

It is said that lipsticks with earth tone suit best for this type of skin tone. This tone of lipstick includes coral pink, red wine, peach pink and many.

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5. Use warm shade blush

Use warm shade blushImage Source: blovcdn

It is suggested that people with this type of skin tone should use warm shade blush to highlight their cheekbones. Darker shades of blush will only make you like a clown. So, it is suggested always be wise while selecting the shades of the blush.

6. Highlighter

HighlighterImage Source: beautyhacked

Highlighter plays a very important part in the makeup as it can add definition to your face. All you need to keep in mind is to opt for a shade that will enhance your look naturally. So, it is advised that you should pick any warm shade highlighter for your skin.

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7. Nail paint

Nail paintImage Source: beautybridge

For people with tanned skin it is suggested that they should opt for metallic colors for nails like nude, purple, pastels or blood red color. These nail paint colors look fab on this kind of skin tone.

So, these were the few makeup tips for tanned skin.

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