Mangoes are still very much in season and what could be better than putting these mangoes to some good use. Phirni is one of the most beloved Indian dessert recipes which is very popular in the northern part of India. It is like a rice pudding but made the Indian way. it is not made with mango normally but since it is summers and mangoes are in season, today we are going to combine the two and make mango phirni. So here is the recipe to one of the most delectable and easiest desserts ever.


Basmati rice- ¼ cup
Mango- 1 cup (chopped)
Milk (full fat)- 3 cups
Sugar- 4 tbsp. or as per your taste
Cardamom powder- ½ tsp.
Pistachios- ½ tbsp.
Almonds- ½ tbsp.
Dried rose petals- 1 tsp. (Chopped)


  1.  Rinse the basmati rice in water 2-3 times or till the water gets clear. Strain all the excess water and spread it on a plate or a kitchen towel to dry.
  2.  Once the grains are dry, transfer the rice to a grinder and grind the rice to get a fine granular texture (the texture should be like rava). Keep the ground rice aside.
  3.  Now put the chopped mango in another blender jar and turn it into a puree. Make sure there are no unblended chunks of mango.
  4.  Chop the dry fruits as well.
  5.  In a heavy bottomed pan, heat up the milk. When milk starts to boil add the ground rice to the milk and stir.
  6.  Now add the sugar and cook the mixture on a low flame while stirring at regular intervals. As the rice starts to cook the mixture will start to thicken up.
  7.  You need to stir the mixture regularly so as to avoid any lumps or burning are the bottom. Also, keep scraping the mixture from the sides of the utensil and add the contents to the milk.
  8.  When the mixture has thickened up and the rice is cooked, turn off the flame. Now add the chopped dry fruits, cardamom powder and dried rose petals to the phirni. Stir the mixture well and keep it aside to cool down.
  9.  Once the mixture has cooled down, add the mango puree and stir. If the phirni has got very thick you can add a little warm milk to rectify the consistency.
  10.  Now traditionally the phirni is served in earthen utensils which add that unique flavour to it. So if you can get those serve your mango phirni in earthen bowls. Just soak the earthen bowls in water overnight and you can then use them for serving. If you cannot get those, serve your mango phirni in regular bowls.
  11.  Garnish the phirni with chopped dried fruits and rose petals.
  12.  Phirni tastes best when served chilled. So refrigerate the phirni for 3-4 hours and then serve.
Mango Phirni2Image Source: netdna-cdn

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