Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit (BB) Stick-Radiance 02 Review

When you are new to certain concepts then I am sure you would want to play it safe, right? What am I talking about? Well to be clear, I am talking about using BB creams. The creams are there for a while and ladies are coming forwards and accepting it. And then my favourite brand (and may be yours too) Maybelline has come up with a new version of bb cream i.e. Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit (BB) Stick Radiance.

Product Claims….

The BB stick promises you many benefits with just one step. Not only you will get a flawless and radiant skin but the effect will be there for up to 12 hours. The easy to apply stick is super cute in look and can be carried with oomph. This is suitable for all skin types and tested by dermatologists. Besides, this won’t clog pores, isn’t that simply amazing?

Price Comparison…

10 gram of the stick is available for Rs. 250. Though the usual cream can be bought for 190 bucks but then with this easy to twist tube, it will last longer than that. So investing money with something that you can trust would not matter much, right?

My Experience ….

I have a habit of trying something that sounds effective and when some renowned brands own that, I do it with ease. I started using it some days ago and I would not use any flattering language, but the outcomes were really smooth. Plus this way, it is easier and smoother to apply.

What I Like about this Product ….

  • Suitable for all skin type even for acne prone skin
  • Last longer
  • Blends easily and there is no need to apply any powder
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Prevent your skin from getting oily
  • Gets you a soft and amazing coverage

What I Do Not Like about this Product ….

  • Well there is nothing as such despite the fact that this is a bit higher on price as compared with the usual one.

So if you want some real differences without harming your skin in any way, this one is your call ladies.