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MYSTERY UNLOCKED: This Is How Katrina Kaif Maintains Her Health And Fitness


Katrina Kaif, an actress who is known for her workout regimes and hot figure in Bollywood. She is an actress whom every girl admires and follows to get some fitness tips. To attain this sizzling figure, she has worked really hard and maintained a strict diet.

Katrina Kaif has an unbelievable fitness level which includes Pilates, cardio and functional training without any mistake. Wondering, what are her top fitness secrets. Well, we have an answer for you guys.

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Here are the best fitness and diet secrets of Katrina Kaif which makes her look sizzling hot:

1. Yoga for peaceful mind

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Yoga is the most important fitness regime of Katrina Kaif. She never misses a session of yoga to maintain her physical and mental well-being.

2. Swimming and cycling for better abs and figure

Swimming and cycling for better abs and figureImage Source: 

For better abs and figure Katrina Kaif frequently goes for cycling and swimming. This combined fitness routine is perfect for the ones who want the hot figure.

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3. Regular gym

Regular gym

Before starting off with the gym Katrina Kaif jogs every day before as warm up. After she follows a strict workout routine which mainly consists of core exercises and a bit of weight lift.

4. Healthy diet

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With such hard fitness routines, it is very important to look after the diet and Katrina Kaif knows how to do this in the best way. Most of her diet consists of healthy and nutritious food which is rich in fibre and protein.

Here is what she haves in her diet:

• Breakfast: Before starting up with breakfast, she drinks 4 glasses of water empty stomach. And in breakfast Katrina Kaif prefers to have egg whites, oatmeal, cereals and fresh fruit juice.

• Lunch: Katrina Kaif avoids fried and carbohydrates in her lunch. Instead of all these, she prefers green salad and boiled rice.

• Dinner: She ensures to have dinner 2 hours before going to bed. For dinner, she eats boiled veggies, green salad, vegetable soup and oil free chapati.

So, these were the few fitness and diet secrets of Katrina Kaif that you can follow to get that hot figure.

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