Your nails can make a whole lot of difference to your hands as well as your feet. The well-groomed nail can add so much to the beauty of your hands while unhealthy and chipped nails can ruin your appearance. The way you want a clear and glowing skin for your face, the same way it is your nails that can add to the beauty of your hands and feet. We all were born with nails, but if you pay just a little bit attention to your nails you can easily make them more beautiful, shiny and attractive.

Every girl wants that whoever holds her hand could not stop praising about them. You may have noticed that these days’ girls pay extra attention to their nails whenever they are heading to a party and even on a day to day basis. They often try to match their nail paint with the colour of their clothes and even try out different types of nail art designs. But it is important to understand that all these nail designs and nail art look great only if you have healthy and shiny nails.

These funky nail colours or nail art not only add colour to your nails, but you can also get different designs painted on your nails. But you must be a little careful while selecting different colours for your nails.

Black and Pink

nail art 1

Black and pink are the most loved colours of women. You can use these colours together on your nails for that sassy look. Use pink as the base coat for all your nails and then use black colour to give it a shaded effect. This nail art will match with all your clothes and will give them a very stylish look.

Black and White

nail art 2

We all know that black and white is the classic combination. Paint two of your nails with black nail paint and the remaining nails with white nail paint. You can also use one of these two as the base coat on all the nails and then use the other colour for making patterns and designs over it.

Navy blue and Silver

nail art 3

This one is perfect for those night outs and parties. But make sure you choose a shade of blue that will look flattering on your hands.

Orange and Pink

nail art 4

Orange and pink are the perfect colours for summer as these colours depict happiness and positivity. Thus, these are the most suitable colours for summery bright nails. These colours will also lighten up your mood and make you feel happy and alive.

Burgundy and Gray

nail art 5

These two colours are anyways very attractive and unusual and when you pair them up together this combination is sure to attract the attention of a lot of people toward your nails. Plus, you are going to get a lot of compliments.

Turquoise and Yellow

nail art 6

Again the perfect summery combination. When we are talking about summers no other colour depicts summer in a better way than yellow. And when combined with turquoise there is no way you can wrong with this colour combination. Pair this nail colour combination with lighter colours to make your nails pop.

Purple and Pink

nail art 7

Purple and pink are very girly colours, but that should stop you from wearing these two together. Just make sure to choose the same finish for both the colours. For example, pastel purple with extremely cute with pastel pink.

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