Top 5 Natural Indian Face Masks To Get Glowing Skin

Face masks

If you think about the best and safe face masks for glowing skin, your pursuit would come to an end here. As we are going to tell you about a few natural face masks for glowing, soft, acne-free and ageless skin.

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Indian beauties always go for natural ingredients for their glowing and flawless skin because it’s always safe and take lesser time, you can make these face masks at home easily and apply it for 30 to 45 minutes only.

Check out these amazing face masks for acne-free and glowing skin.

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1- Aloe Vera and Cucumber face mask

Aloe Vera and Cucumber face maskImage Source: netdna-ssl

Mix some aloe vera pulp with half pulp of cucumber and apply it over your face and neck. If you want, you can use aloe vera gel instead of aloe vera pulp. Store it into fridge for about 10 mins before using it on sunburn or damaged skin.

2- Papaya and coconut milk face mask

Papaya and coconut milk face maskImage Source: myhealthtips

For removing tan and bring your glow back, take one tablespoon of coconut milk and mix it well with pulp of papaya. Apply this pack all over your face and leave till it get dry.

3- Tomato and yogurt face mask

Tomato and yogurt face maskImage Source: googleusercontent

To make this face mask, you need to take pulp of one ripe tomato and blend it finely. Now, mix this with one tbsp. raw yoghurt and apply all over your face and neck. It moisturizes the skin and helps you remove tan as well.

You can use only tomato as an alternative to this mask. Rub the tomato juice all over your face and neck. You will get the desired results.

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4- Egg white and vitamin E face mask

Egg white and vitamin E face maskImage Source: ytimg

Take two capsules of vitamin E with coconut milk and egg white and mix them well. Egg white helps your skin for being tighter and vitamin E and coconut milk helps the skin from being dry. Remember, do not use egg yolk on your face.

5- Orange and lemon peel face mask

Orange and lemon peel face maskImage Source: blogspot

Take a tablespoon of dry lemon and orange peel with two tablespoons of yogurt and mix them well. Apply this mask all over your face and leave it till it gets dry.