Nivea Cream Review


Product Claims…

This is not a new product of Nivea. It’s been years that the company launched this product. This one is the oldest multipurpose cream. This cream is suitable for age groups may it be children or adults. This cream keeps the skin pure, smooth and completely fresh. The unique part of this cream is that it contains Eucerit which is a great ingredient of moisturization.

Price Comparison…

You won’t believe, this cream costs ONLY 39 bucks. Isn’t it simply wow?? Really, the price and the benefits both of this cream are really wonderful. If you are buying to a departmental store this winter then opt for this cream only. It would hardly make any difference to your budget.

My Experience…

My family has been using this cream since years. It suits each and everybody in my family right from my younger sister to my grandmother. Since my skin is dry so, I hardly get any other cream which is apt for my skin. When I started using nivea cream, I made a vow to myself that I am always going to stick to this cream especially in winters. I have even suggested my husband to use this cream after shave as it provides moisture and softness to the skin. Me and my family are all for this nivea cream. We love it!! 

Photos and Swatches…

What I like about this product…

• It does Work very well on the dryness.
• This cream is very mild and does not have any side effects.
• Highly Economical.
•The best part is that it completely Travel friendly.

What I do not like about this product…

• It is a greasy thick cream.
• If at all, you apply a little more cream then the skin becomes sticky and shining.
• It does not have a hygienic packing. The Cream sticks to the nails while using.

This cream is very effective for dry skin in winters. It keeps the softness and moisture of the skin intact. I will suggest you to go and buy it. You are surely going to like it, I bet!

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