Not Cleaning Your Tongue Everyday Causes These 7 Problems!

Being a part of your mouth, it is common to have oral problems due to an uncleaned tongue! But avoiding those problems can have lot worse effects for the long-run, like falling off of your teeth, weak and bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, and not to forget the bad breath.

The bacteria that is responsible for the stench gets deposited over the surface of your tongue, so it is better to keep your tongue cleaned and healthy regularly, for a happy and healthy mouth.

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So, this is a list of things that happens to you when you don’t clean your tongue regularly.

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1. Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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The first thing that happens to you when you don’t clean your tongue regularly is bad breath. The bacteria start to build up on the tongue and gives your mouth a foul smell, which is embarrassing, especially while talking to someone.

2. Gum Disease

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Not cleaning your tongue does not only affects your taste buds, but it affects the overall oral health of your mouth, especially your gums. Do your gums bleed profusely while brushing sometimes? It is the sign of weak gums and dirty tongue. Start cleaning your tongue on a regular basis, to avoid such problems.

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3. Tooth Loss

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Not in the short period, but not cleaning your tongue for a long time will make the bacteria spread from tongue to your teeth, which will ultimately result in falling off of your teeth in the long run. Avoid letting such a situation to happen at the first place, and also it is important to know that brushing for too long or too hard also causes damage to your teeth.

4. Dull Taste Buds

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There might be several reasons behind your taste buds getting dull, not being able to give you any flavor for any food or drink you consume. But if you are avoiding cleaning your tongue for a long time now, then this is the reason behind you being unable to experience any flavor on your taste buds.

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5. Black Hairy Tongue

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This is the extreme symptom that is reminding you that it’s the ultimate time to clean your tongue at last. The food and drinks that you consume starts getting deposited on your tongue and builds up a camouflage of a hairy look over the tongue, which goes away once you thoroughly clean your tongue.

6. Yeast Infection

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Commonly known as the oral thrush, yeast infection can happen on your tongue as well. When you skip cleaning your tongue regularly, it causes the bacteria to get deposited there and builds up the yeast at a high level, leading to yeast infection. Those white patches on your tongue are the proof that you are suffering from a yeast infection in your mouth.

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7. Periodontal Disease

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If the bacteria present on your dirty tongue gets transferred to your teeth, it can lead to periodontal disease, which is a scary disease, causing problems in your gums, infections, inflammations, and the worst, make your teeth make and fall out of your mouth before time.

So, it is better that you start taking care of your oral health right from today, and prevent yourself from facing all these embarrassing and destructive diseases.

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