6 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin To Make Your Makeup Last Longer


Oily skin is not good for makeup. As we can say if you have an oily skin you need to do some extra efforts or makeup tips to make your makeup last longer. In this article, we would try to help you with some amazing makeup tips for long lasting makeup for oily skin. Try these awesome makeup tips at home, while you do your makeup next time.

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Makeup Tips are here:

1- Use primer first

Use-primer-firstImage Source: ytimg

If you have oily skin you need to apply primer first, as after some time of doing makeup, it will be converted into very messy form and give you an awful look. To avoid such kind of situation, try to use a primer. Primer helps you give you a perfect base for makeup and hold your makeup for a long time. Use a different type of primer for your face and eye.

2- Choose mineral makeup

Choose-mineral-makeupImage Source: divassence

If you plan to apply heavy makeup on your oily skin try to use mineral makeup. Choose products which are oil-free, as they not get affected by your oil skin base. Use products which are high in zinc oxide and titanium oxide, as they work as sunscreen.
When you use mineral makeup, you get two benefits:
• You don’t need to apply a sunscreen.
• You don’t need to worry about side-effects on oily skin.

3- Use face powder

Use-face-powderImage Source: divashop

Face powder is a key for long lasting makeup. If you have an oily skin you need to apply face powder no matter how much makeup you apply. Apply powder on your chin, forehead, cheeks. As powder makes your foundation last longer.

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4- Use moisturizer with hyaluronic acid

Use-moisturizer-with-hyaluronic-acidImage Source: h-cdn

Try to use a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid, as this helps to shrink your pores, as oily skin has more pores as compared to normal skin.

5- Use blotting paper

Use-blotting-paperImage Source: confusedsandals

Carry blotting paper when you go out. When you feel that oil mess your makeup use blotting paper and dab on affected area. You don’t need to rub blotting paper all over your face just dab on affected area of your face.

6- Concealer

ConcealerImage Source: ytimg

Concealer you need when you need to hide your black spot of pimples. Use oil free based concealer like a spot corrector concealer pen and try to avoid oil based liquid concealer.