TV celebs and social media trolls

5 Times TV Celebs Defended Their Partners Against Trolls

TV celebs are not any less in creating a buzz all around like Bollwood stars. Being the part of 21st-century people are still not ready to get away from the habit of being judgemental towards people on the basis of colour, gender, physical appearance and much more. And the TV celebs and Bollywood stars are under the radar when such things come up. Since they are famous and public figures, people think they have got the rights to shame them and troll them.But the there are few TV Celebs who took on the charge to defend their partners against all the trolls.

Let’s have a look.

1. Suyyansh Rai



Suyyansh and Kishwer are a perfect couple. And everyone knows how amazing their wedding was. But three days before the wedding a hater commented on Kishwer’s photo by trolling her for the age difference between the duo. Soon after that Suyyansh took over from there and said that teenagers should be guided properly by their parents so that they don’t hurt others feeling.

2. Divyanka Tripathi



Divyanka had a big fat Indian wedding in 2016 with Vivek. Their wedding created a buzz because of the amazing attire and decorations that one will remember for a long time. When this adorable couple was enjoying their marital bliss a hater claimed Vivek as a gold digger. And after this post, Divyanka took on to the basher and replied with a perfect answer.

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3. Karan Kundra



Karan and Anusha share a very adorable bond. The duo met on the sets of roadies and started dating ever since. When the pic of the duo was posted on a social site one of the Karan’s fan trolled Anusha as cheap and prostitute. And soon after the comment, Karan gave an apt answer. And later in another post, he said that he does not want fans with such low mentality.

4. Prince Narula



Prince and Yuvika are together since Bigg Boss happened and still, Prince leaves no chance to woo her girl. And when a hater posted crap on the pic posted by Yuvika on Instagram and then Prince slammed that hater in a perfect way. And the best part was that he stood for all girls not just for Yuvika.

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5. Rohit Roy



After being in an abusive relationship with Rahul Mahajan, Dimpy married Rohit Roy a businessman from Dubai. And in 2016 the duo welcomed a baby girl.But one of the haters took on from here and said the couple welcomed baby within seven months of marriage and called Dimpy as a gold digger. And soon after this Rohit took on this with an elaborated post.

So, these were the TV Celebs who defended their partners against trolls.

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