Pretty Simple Tips to Look Beautiful without Make-up!!

I can hardly see any gal without make-up these days, I mean this has become a necessity that you apply a lip shade, mascara and blush and then only you can look good? Isn’t the idea frustrating sometimes, now be honest? So, have you tried hitting some event without applying any of these? Girls, there are lot many ways in which you can look attractive naturally, wanna know what are they? Check them out and surprise your BF with your newly found looks.

Pretty Simple Tips to Look Beautiful without Make-up!!

After all your BF and your friends too have the right to see your donning the bare looks….

  • Attack your Brows First!!

I mean not that way but groom them first, if your brows are clean and well shaped then there is no way that you will make it wrong. With or without make-up, well groomed brows make you look beautiful. So always make sure they are properly trimmed before leaving home.

  • Exfoliate your Skin to Make it Clear….

To look good without make-up, please ensure that you care for your skin the way you do for your newly purchased expensive bag. To remove all the dead cells, exfoliate once in a week and see how clear your face can look. The smoothness will just steal the heart of your BF.

  • Make your Lashes Count!!

It is important to make your lashes look tall and thicker if you really want to accentuate your beauty. The way your eyes speak thousands words, now you need to make those words count. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline to them and make them look darker. You can also make use of eyelash curler, so what say?

  • Our Lips Need Attention too!!

Only exfoliating face isn’t enough, make your pouts look lovely by scrubbing it too. And once you are done with the cleansing process, apply a thick coat of moisturizer to make them look fuller and inviting 😉

  • Moisturize to Look Smooth!

After you are done with enhancing part, make sure you moisturize your face well so that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to look beautiful. P.S. Don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen as well.

So you have seen there are plenty ways to look the best without make-up, so be daring and enjoy a lovely look.

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