Psychology Say: Six signs that indicate that you are dating an emotionally intelligent person!


Being in a relationship is crazy and most of us wonder that whether the person we are dating is emotionally intelligent or not? Well, there is a hell lot of difference between a guy who is emotionally intelligent and the one is constantly checking your DMs before missing you. So, to clear your confusion we have listed few signs of an emotionally intelligent guy.

Have a look!

1. They try to make efforts to get along with the people who are close to you

They try to make efforts to get along with the people who are close to youImage Source: 

We all have that friend whose boyfriend is a complete jerk. And same is going to happen to you if your boyfriend offends people and will have a bad effect on you. But if he is sensible then he will get along with your friends and will understand that maintaining a nice relationship with them will also make your life better.

2. They are very good listeners

They are very good listenersImage Source: 

Yes, they truly are. They will first listen to you calmly without interrupting you. But there are few who just wait for you to stop and then give their own opinion.

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3. They know themselves well

They know themselves wellImage Source: 

They are the one who knows about their limitations and they will never fall into the situations where they feel overextended. Like they will never commit for three parties and would drag you to every party in one night.

4. They are not impulsive

They are not impulsiveImage Source: 

Improvisation is good but there is a huge difference between the guy who gets fired from his jobs frequently and who plans a trip at the last minute. And if your guy does not listen and pay attention to what you are saying then it’s high time to move on.

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5. They help you to spot the toxic people in your life

They help you to spot the toxic people in your lifeImage Source: 

The guy would be the one who will never advise you to quit so easily in a relationship or job. He will tell you the various ways to stand for yourself in a better instead of quitting. And when you get such person in your life to inspire then it becomes easier to handle several things.

6. They are very understanding

They are very understandingImage Source: 

They are the one who can understand you and your problems just by seeing your face and mood. These guys know how to make you feel better and they will actually try to relate to you and make you feel less lonely.

So, these were the few signs that show the guy you are dating is emotionally intelligent.


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