Quick Recipe: Delicious & Healthy Omelette In A Mug For Breakfast

Omelette in a mug is a legendary recipe for that lazy and crazy morning after the rocking party mode of last night! Its great protein-packed quality makes it an amazing yet nutritious and healthy meal for anytime, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a midnight’s snack.

Eggs are full of numerous nutritional values like sodium, potassium, protein, vitamins and much more, which when consumed daily can prove to be the healthiest meal of your diet.

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The following is a simple and easy recipe for making an Omelette in a mug.

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• 1 fresh Egg
• 2 fresh Egg Whites
• 2 tablespoons of shredded Cheddar Cheese
• 1 tablespoon of diced Capsicum or Green Bell Pepper
• Ground Black Pepper as per the taste
• Salt as per the requirement
• Cooking spray
• Chopped Ham or Bacon (optional)

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1. Take a large microwave-safe mug and coat it with a cooking spray from inside.

2. Then put an egg, egg whites, bell peppers, salt, black pepper powder and cheddar cheese inside the mug and mix the ingredients roughly.

3. Now microwave it for 1 minute and stir the contents after taking it out.

4. Then, put the mug back into the microwave and cook it until the eggs get completely set, sat for at least 1–1 ½ minutes.

5. Now take out the mug and sprinkle the cheddar cheese and bacon on the Omelette and you are all set to dig in!

Tip* Eating eggs every day in or other form is very good for a healthy body and mind.

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