Ramadan Special: Falsay Ka Sharbat Recipe to Try at Home

Falsay ka sharbat recipe

As the holy month of Ramadan has started, we thought of sharing a simple beverage with you guys that might help you ease your thirst during the Iftar. Falsay ka sharbat recipe is a very simple beverage that you can easily prepare at home by using some simple ingredients. So, try this recipe and enjoy it with your family during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ingredients needed for falsay ka sharbat recipe:

  • Blackcurrants- 550 grams
  • Water- 8 cups
  • Sugar- 6 tablespoons

Now, how to make falsay ka sharbat:

  • First, wash the blackcurrants under the running water.
  • Now, add them in a blender jar with a cup of water.
  • Then, blend them for 7 to 8 seconds.
  • After that, add the remaining cups of water.
  • Again, blend the mixture for a minute or 30 seconds.
  • Now, pour the juice into a container through a sieve to remove the seeds from the juice.
  • Add sugar to the blackcurrant juice and mix well until it is dissolved completely.
  • Then, place the juice in the fridge for half an hour and serve chilled.
  • And your falsay ka sharbat is ready.