Relax With This 5-Steps Hair Spa At Home

This one is for all those lovely ladies who think that hair spa is nothing but a waste of time & money. We would say it otherwise, girls! Getting a hair spa done doesn’t always mean that you always end up in a spa or a parlor, there are other ways like at-home spa as well.

With all that dust & dirt in your hair, you tend to lose their natural oils and moisture by the time. And the use of chemical-based products makes it even worse for your tresses to breathe properly, leading them to some serious damage at the end.

We all are aware of the hiking prices of those oh-so-relaxing spas, but there is nothing to cringe about them. You can easily get a relaxing and replenishing hair spa at home without having to dig a hole through your pockets.

Let’s follow these simple steps to give your tresses some required nourishment that they have been demanding for so long.


STEP 1: Massaging Scalp With Warm Oil

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It is completely unnecessary for you to even try using those fancy oils they use at spas. Warm olive oil or coconut will do all the good things for you. Massage your scalp gently using the warm oil. This will boost your hair growth and help your scalp get replenished and stay healthy for longer.

STEP 2: Steam Up Your Tresses

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You must be wondering, how are you going to steam your hair without a machine, but it is simpler than it seems to be. All you need is a towel and some hot water (remember hot and not boiling water). Dip the towel into the water and let it soak the water completely.

Then squeeze out the excess water from the towel and then carefully wrap it around your head, covering the whole scalp. Let it stay this way for 7-8 minutes at least. This will help that oil in your scalp penetrate through and reach the roots well.

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STEP 3: Mild Shampoo To The Rescue

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The next step is to wash your hair now. For this, you need to use only a mild shampoo and cold water. Do not wash your hair with warm or hot water, this will only damage the roots of your hair. It is better if you use a mild shampoo that is paraben-free.

STEP 4: Conditioning Is A Must

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While washing your hair with a shampoo is essential to keep them clean, then it is must to condition your hair more. Shampooing washes away the essential oils and some nutrients from your tresses, but conditioning replenishes and conditions them, restoring them to their well-hydrated and moisturized state.

Follow the usual conditioning process, that is applying conditioner after the shampooing, but let it stay on for a longer period, say 20 minutes and then wash it off.

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STEP 5: Hair Mask Is The Ultimate Answer!

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Hair mask will help your mane and tresses restore the lost nutrients and make your hair healthier and manageable. It is recommended that you apply a homemade hair mask instead of applying a market-based product. Simply take two eggs, one ripe banana, coconut oil or olive oil and honey.

Mix all these ingredients together to form a paste. Now, apply the blended mixture on your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes or so. Wash off using a mild shampoo later.

Your DIY hair spa is done with this. Wasn’t it easy and time-saving at the same time? At home beauty treatments are more effective and gives you better results than those expensive products and salon treatments.

So, we would suggest you opt for home remedies for a healthier skin and hair. Comment in the section below if you have better ideas to share with us!