Review Your Diet Plan Before Having Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is getting a common health issue around us. In today’s era with the hustle bustle of our busy lives, it becomes almost impossible to take care of our health. In most of our holidays, we are usually busy with our personal work or gatherings and didn’t get any time to get ourselves checked up. And after a certain time, our body starts to get prone to major ailments and one such disease is iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency is a disease which makes your concentration lower and your body tends to get fatigued very quickly. But how can anyone figure out whether he /she is facing from iron deficiency?

Well, for that read on further to know in detail.

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According to the figures of world data, India has the highest number of people suffering from iron deficiency (anaemia) and in that the percentage of women is higher than men who are more prone to iron deficiency. Later, this iron deficiency converts into anaemia. If you are a health freak and only eat healthy food it’s not necessary that you will have good iron levels.

Studies show that there are mainly four causes of iron deficiency which are:

• Insufficient iron intake
• Frequent blood loss
• Poor absorption of iron
• Deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin C

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Because of this haunting disease the women, adolescent girls, pregnant women and even the old age ladies are prone to iron deficiency. So, now it becomes even more important to take care of our health to save ourselves and our loved ones from this ailment.

Here is the list of the symptoms of iron deficiency according to which you can judge if someone is suffering from this or not:

• Hands start looking pale in color
• Get tired easily
• Problem of uneven heartbeats
• Frequent headaches and dizziness
• Feeling suffocated frequently
• Slow growth in girl child
• Complications during pregnancy
• Lower work capacity
• Low weight baby with premature birth

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These are the few symptoms but you cannot completely dependent on these symptoms there are medical ways to find out and confirm if someone is suffering from iron deficiency or not. And these medical ways are Regular blood check-up with cells and hemoglobin check, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and Ultrasound.

After the diagnosis, try to include more green vegetables, nuts and meat that help to produce healthy and good red blood cells and haemoglobin. Iron deficiency is a nutritional disorder and hence it can be prevented with a good diet and proper medication.

Now, when you have all the info about the iron deficiency, try to indulge yourself in a healthy diet which is rich in iron and protect yourself and your loved ones from this ailment and live a happy and fitter life.
Take care and stay healthy!

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