Do It Right: 10 Face-Washing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Face-Washing Mistakes

Washing face seems like the easiest part of any skincare regime. But, you can reap its benefits only if it is done in the right way or it will cause damage to your skin. From ugly breakouts to flakiness, it can cause terrible things to your face if you don’t wash it in the right way. There are a number of mistakes that people make on regular basis even without realizing. So, in order to maintain the beauty of your skin, here, we have listed some common face-washing mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Not using the right cleanser

Not using the right cleanserImage Source: h-cdn

Everyone has a different skin type and it becomes important that you use the right type of skin care product that suits your skin type. Not doing so can cause damage to your skin and even lead to allergies. So, always try to opt for a cleanser which suits your skin type.

2. Washing face too often

Washing face too oftenImage Source: greatist

One should always wash their face twice in a day and not more than that. Washing face often can rob off all the natural oils from your skin and can lead to flakiness and dryness. So, to prevent this, make sure you wash your face only two times in a day.

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3. Not cleaning the skin properly

Not cleaning the skin properlyImage Source: ytimg

After applying the cleanser, it is very important to clean it off thoroughly as it is loaded with chemicals that should be cleaned properly because the build-up of these on the skin can lead to an unpleasant skin condition.

4. Over exfoliation

 Over exfoliationImage Source: lorealparisusa

Exfoliation is considered as an essential part of any skincare regime but overdoing it can cause severe damage to your skin and can even cause acne breakouts.

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5. Using dirty hands

Using dirty handsImage Source: net

Never use dirty hands for applying face wash on your face as it can damage your skin. Throughout the day, your hands touch a lot of dirt so, it becomes essential that you wash your hands before cleaning your face.

6. Using hot water

Using hot waterImage Source: homesogood

Using hot water for face wash can strip off all the natural oils from your skin and can make it dry. Still, there are many women who use hot water for face wash. So, it is suggested that one should opt for warm water to prevent damage.

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7. Improper application of cleanser

Improper application of cleanserImage Source: medimetry

A lot of people have a habit of applying cleanser in a rigorous manner but, it is suggested that you should always apply cleanser to your skin in a gentle way to avoid skin damage.

8. Rubbing your skin

Rubbing your skinImage Source: tqn

Do you rub your skin after washing it with a cleanser? If yes, then you should stop doing that as it can damage your skin’s appearance and health. It is suggested that one should pat their face with a towel instead of rubbing.

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9. Not applying moisturizer on time

Not applying moisturizer on timeImage Source: h-cdn

There are many women who take a long time to apply moisturizer after cleaning up their skin. It is said that applying moisturizer within few seconds can prevent dirt and impurities to settle into your skin surface.

10. Using the same cleanser for months

Using the same cleanser for monthsImage Source: vox-cdn

Many skin care experts have suggested that people should change their cleanser once in a while because using the same product for a longer period of time can harm your face. So, try to change your cleanser after 2 to 3 months.

So, these were the few face-washing mistakes one should avoid.