We all have tried a hundred recipes for a great weight loss diet by now, but nothing results in a quick weight loss. What if we tell you that there is a secret ingredient for weight loss that you must include in your everyday diet?
You must have read this everywhere on the internet that drinking plenty of water helps in weight loss, but did you know that fruit-infused water works even better for a weight loss trick. Yes, you read that right! Fruit-infused water is the secret ingredient that you have been missing from your healthy weight loss diet till now, which will not only speed up your weight loss process but is also beneficial for your body and skin.

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Many of you are bad at maintaining a routine of drinking plain water regularly, but water infusion is another way through which you can not only get plenty of water into your system but with the power and health benefits of fruits as well.


Don’t get confused with fruit aerated drinks, infused water is nothing like them! When fruits are immersed and squeezed in chilled water to enjoy the benefits of both fruits and water all together, they result in fruit-infused water which not only tastes wonderful but also has numerous health and skin benefits for you.

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the best part is that this is not a fruit-centered drink, which means that you can also make infused water with the combination of herbs and vegetables as well.

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• This is better known as a detox water, as it is packed with multiple nutrients which detoxify your body.

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• Even after achieving your ideal weight, you can always continue to drink this infused water drink, because it has no calories and keeps your weight in check.

• Helps you stay fuller for a longer period, because of which you will not crave for any junk food anymore.

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• Great for keeping diseases at bay such as diabetes, cold & flu, heart diseases and joint pain.

• The fruit infused water increases the production of collagen and slows down the aging process due to the presence of antioxidants present in the infused water.

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• It boosts up your metabolism and improves your digestion.

• The fruit-flavored water helps to tackle the cravings for the sweet taste buds.

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• It keeps you hydrated and removes excess toxins from your body.

• It helps transport nutrients and oxygen to the body in a better way.


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1. Take the fruits of your choice, and slice them

2. Put them in the bottom of a jar, and slightly crush them to squeeze a little juice out.

3. Now add lots if ice till the neck of the jar and then fill with water to the top.

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4. Seal with the lid and set aside.

5. Open the lid before 30 minutes or 1 hour of sipping this refreshing drink.


To maximize the benefits of the drink you can try to infuse the water with various combinations of water, such as:
• Lemon, ginger, and orange
• Grapes and cucumber
• Cinnamon and apple
• Cucumber, lime, and strawberry
• Pineapple and mint
• Cucumber and kiwi
• Mint and watermelon
• Blueberry and orange
• Mint and lemon

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• Basil, lemon, and strawberry
• Raspberry, rosemary, and lemon

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