SHOCKING FACT: Here Is Why Rajma Is Not That Good For Your Health


A Punjabi feast can never end up without a plate of Rajma chawal. But it would be shocking for many people after knowing the fact that their favourite dish is really bad for their health. Believe us or not but it is fact that it is not good for you.

Read the further to know why Rajma is not that good for your health:

1. Has toxins

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Rajma which is also known as kidney beans are very harmful and even poisonous if they are not cooked properly. They are more harmful when they are cooked at a temperature less than 100 degrees Celsius. And it also contains a toxin Phytohaemagglutinin which is poisonous and is found in many beans but has a higher concentration in kidney beans. Even 4 to 5 uncooked beans have the ability to make you ill.

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2. Causes health problems

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According to a health survey, 20 percent of the yearly food poisoning cases are because of consuming Rajma. If you consume uncooked beans then the following symptoms can show up like vomiting, diarrhoea etc. within 3 hours.

3. Because of different eating and cooking scenarios

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Rajma or red kidney beans are consumed in various forms like salad, curry and even cooked in different ways.

4. When you consume it raw or uncooked

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Health problems like vomit, diarrhoea can show up if you consume more raw and uncooked rajma in the form of salads or curry. According to a journal published in Epidemiology and infections, it is very harmful to consume beans in raw and uncooked form.

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5. Cooked at low temperature

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If you cook Rajma at a temperature less than 83 degree Celsius or 180-degree Fahrenheit you can still face gastro problems.

6. Not boiled properly

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Most of the people have this habit to soak Rajma overnight and then boiling it for 2 to 3 minutes. But it’s not the correct way because it does not kill the harmful haemagglutin present in it which later causes digestive problems.

The perfect way to cook Rajma is to soak it overnight and cook it for 10 minutes at least if you want to keep stomach problems at bay.

So, next time when you prepare Rajma, try to keep these points in mind. Stay healthy. Stay wise.

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