We all know the various benefits of almonds and how it is beneficial for our health. But munching on these nutty snacks in excess can also affect your health. It is very well said that excess of something is always injurious. And this is what perfectly defines overeating of almonds. In this article, we have listed few side effects of overeating this nutty snack.

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1. Weight gain

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This amazing nutty thing has very high content of calories and fat. It is said that 100 grams of almonds contain 50 grams but a portion of it is monounsaturated fats which are healthy for your heart health. But if you have a busy life and you don’t undergo many physical activities then there are chances that you will gain weight.

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2. Problem in digestion

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Consuming almonds in excess can lead to constipation, bloated stomach, and other digestive problems. This happens because it has a high content of fiber that your body is not used to consume. To tackle this situation, you need to increase your water intake. And it is best to avoid overeating.

3. Lethal effect

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If you consume this dry fruit in its lethal and bitter state then it can affect your health adversely. This happens because it contains hydrocyanic acid that can lead to nervous breakdown, choking and breathing problem and in some cases even death. And it is even prohibited for pregnant women.

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4. Can affect medication

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It is said that 100 grams of this dry fruit contain 2.3 mg of manganese which is the optimum level of manganese that our body requires. Besides this, there are many sources through which we get manganese. So, it possible that your rich manganese-rich diet can affect with your blood pressure and antibiotic medications.

5. Excess of vitamin E

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Our body requires 15 grams of vitamin E daily and a half cup of almonds contains 25 grams of vitamin E. And if you consume it more than three times a day then you might be consuming vitamin E in excess which can affect your health badly. And there are chances that you might have weakness, blurred sight and weakness.

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