Food wastage nowadays has become a global issue. According to various studies, it is emphasized that food wastage is rising on which a considerable amount of money is spent. According to the reports of UN, over one-third of the world’s food is wasted yearly which is around 1.3 billion tonnes each year which cause economic losses of $750 billion. Another study of UK government’s waste advisory board, WRAP shows that a standard UK family wasting about 60 Euros a month by throwing the full meal of a day.

So, to prevent food wastage we have found some smart tips that you can follow to ensure there is less wastage of food:

1. Serve in the right way

Serve in the right wayImage Source: cook-wise

Never over serve the meal. It is basically based on the portion sizes. Small cutlery is a smart way to save food from wastage.

2. Use leftover smartly

Use leftover smartlyImage Source: s-nbcnews

It is all in your hands how you can save your food. If you have leftovers of mushy fruits or have leftover vegetables you can convert them in shakes and smoothies.

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3. Make a list before shopping

Make a list before shoppingImage Source: pinimg

Try to be more economical. Before heading out for shopping make a list of things that you need and have a check on the things that you already have at home.

4. Set your fridge accordingly

Set your fridge accordinglyImage Source: day

Don’t forget to adjust the temperature which is perfect for all the food items. This hack will help in maintaining the food for a longer period of time.

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5. Use the waste for compost

Use the waste for compostImage Source: happytrade

Another smart way to minimise your wastage is to use the peels and leftovers of vegetables as compost as it acts like natural fertilizers for the plants.

6. First-in-first-out

First-in-first-outImage Source: containerstore

And apart from all this one hack that you can follow the rule of first in first out which means use the products that you have stored earlier. Keep them in front so that they are used before their expiration.

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