5 Amazing Hacks That Will Make Your Foundation Last Long



Makeup is a thing which requires a lot of attention and patience. And after spending so much time we face a beauty disaster of melting foundation or fading of foundation in an hour which completely ruins the overall look. But now you don’t need to worry as we have found simple hacks to solve this issue.

Here are the ways through which you can make your foundation last longer:

1. Apply moisturizer

Apply moisturizerImage Source: wordpress

Before starting off with makeup it is very important to apply moisturizer on your face as foundation gets collected on the dry spots which ruin the overall makeup.

2. Now, apply primer

apply primerImage Source: com

If you skip this step then it is one of the major reason behind your fading Foundation. A good quality primer provides a smooth base for the application of foundation. This extra layer helps the foundation to hold on something for long.

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3. Apply the foundation in right way

Apply the foundation in right wayImage Source: sapo

And the next step is to apply the foundation in the right way. Always use a brush to apply the foundation as it provides a smooth texture.

4. Buff some powder

Buff some powderImage Source: nyxcosmetics

It is always advised to apply powder after applying foundation. If you don’t have an exact match then use a translucent powder to get a natural finish. Use fluffy brush and dust over your T-zone.

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5. Splash some face mist

Splash some face mistImage Source: harperandharley

For the long-lasting effect of the foundation, you can apply face mist or makeup setting spray. The face mist on the hand provides you a dewy look.