Indians, chapatis make for an essential part of our daily diet. One trait which is very common with Indians is that we love our food hot. Serving cold or lukewarm food is considered as an insult and thus, at most of the Indian homes, the food is served piping hot, especially chapatis. The thing with chapatis is that almost everyone can manage to make soft chapatis but as the chapatis get cold they start to get harder and start losing the soft texture. A lot of women face this problem, but don’t really know how to make soft chapatis.

Softer Chapatis1

This problem occurs a lot with working women who cannot make hot chapatis for their family every time they sit down to eat. But today we are going to share with you the secret to softer chapatis, that are going to stay soft for an extended period of time.

How to keep your chapatis softer for longer?

1. After making chapatis keep them on the cooling rack so as to let them cool down.

Softer Chapatis2

2. Line the casserole with a cotton cloth or a kitchen towel. Make sure that the kitchen towel or the cloth is big enough to hold and cover all the chapatis.

Softer Chapatis3

3. Once you are done making all the chapatis, stack the chapatis and keep them in the casserole.
4. Cover the chapatis with the cloth and put the lid of the casserole properly.
5. This way your chapatis will keep softer for longer.
6. One thing that really leads to harder chapatis is when they are left exposed in the air.

Softer Chapatis4

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