6 Things That You Can Use Instead Of Perfume To Smell Good

No one wants to start their day with a taunt “you stink” because it is really embarrassing when people talk at your back about your body odour. The thing that pops up in the mind of most people to control body odour is scented perfumes and deodorants but these fragrances don’t last for long. Well, now you don’t need to worry as we have found some alternatives that you can use in place of perfume.

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Here is the list of cosmetic products that one can use as an alternative to perfume:

1. Body soap or wash

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Your body odour also depends on the bath soap or wash that you use regularly. The use of mild soap and wash while bathing can bring a great change in your body odour.

2. Lotion or moisturizer

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And another alternative for a perfume that you can use to smell good is a good cream during winters and for summer a body lotion or moisturizer. The choice of lotion and moisturizer depends on your skin type.

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3. Nail polish with scent

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Another thing that will make you smell good apart from the perfume is the nail polish. Yes, you heard it right. You can apply scented perfumes on your hand to make them smell good.

4. Toners

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Toners are only applicable on face but still, it can make you smell good and the best alternative for a perfume. The best thing that toners are available in different aromas so you can try different fragrance every time you buy a new toner.

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5. Hair spray

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Shampoo and conditioners are a great thing that you can use to make your hair smell good. But we can’t use it regularly and for this, we have hair sprays that you can use before heading out for a party or meeting and smell amazing throughout the day.

6. Body butter

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Most people don’t include this product in their routine. But if you want to use body butter then it’s better to go for the brands. They are commonly available in strawberry, cucumber flavours which have a lasting effect on your body.

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