Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and you still can’t find a perfect outfit for yourself?  Well, the reason is that you are not managing your clothes properly. Adding new outfits to the pile of old clothes will make your more confused. So, in this article, we have shared some ways to upgrade your wardrobe in a smart way.

1. Choose quality over quantity

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Most of the times we have a feeling to buy the entire shop because of the perfect designs but it is not necessary. Try to restrict your choices to the basics which you can easily pair with the other clothes. In this way, you will have the right clothes in place of stuffed clothes that make you confuse.

2. Increase the life of your clothes

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Repeat wash and lack of proper storing reduce the shelf life of your clothes. It is not important that you should wash your clothes as and when you use them. For example, If you have a stain on your jeans then try cleaning up the stain in place of washing the entire jeans. You can also use the refreshing spray for your clothes to make them smell fresh.

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3. Exchange and borrow clothes

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As we all know that sharing is caring and this suits better when it comes to outfits. Try to exchange and borrow clothes with your bestie so that both of you can get a chance to wear new outfits. And don’t forget to wash them before returning it to your friend.

4. Recycle in place of replacing

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If you want to move with the trend then you don’t need to buy clothes every time. Just pick up an old T-shirt and convert it into a stylish crop top. You can also add patchwork to the old outfits to make them look more classy and stylish. In this way, you can easily recycle your old clothes.

So, these were the few ways to upgrade wardrobe in a smart way.


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